History of Xerium
The Xerium business was founded in 1976 when BTR, a UK-based industrial conglomerate, acquired two businesses, roll cover manufacturer Stowe Woodward and rolls manufacturer Mount Hope. While under BTR, the company grew rapidly. Acquiring six other rolls manufacturers and three machine clothing manufacturers, BTR played a leading role in the industry's consolidation.

In 1992, the company merged its Huyck North America and Niagara-Lockport operations to form Weavexx, its primary machine clothing business unit in North America. Clothing products made outside the U.S. trade under the Huyck.Wangner business unit. Xerium carries the same roll brands globally, with Stowe Woodward making roll covers and Mount Hope manufacturing rolls.

In 1999, the company was sold by Invensys, a successor of BTR, to an investment group. Since then, the company has continued its role in the industry's consolidation by acquiring an additional clothing business, Wangner, and two rolls companies, Robec and Trelleborg.

Today, Xerium Technologies is highly-recognized and highly-valued in the machine clothing and roll technologies industry. Xerium is committed to continued growth through both increased operations and acquisitions.