Product technology from Huyck.Wangner, a business unit of Xerium Technologies, Inc., sets the standard
in the Paper Machine Clothing industry providing custom-engineered solutions to maximize
production, productivity and sheet quality through cutting-edge technology and diagnostic
services. As a leading global supplier and manufacturer of paper machine
clothing, Huyck.Wangner provides products to the papermaking industry
which are characterized by innovation and superior performance.
This comprehensive range of products includes a full line of forming fabrics,
press felts, dryer fabrics and dewatering felts and wires for use in various
industries including pulp & paper, laundries, leather, textiles, process industry and
wastewater plants. More than 150 years of experience, allied with continuous
research and development guarantees customized products for manufacturing paper
of all grades. Huyck.Wangner's demonstratable commitment to innovation provides products
to keep papermakers at the forefront of technology, while a worldwide network of sales
representatives and service stations provides quality solutions in a timely manner.
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